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After 12 years of running Lionheart Tours and keeping totally independent I was looking through a copy of 'Realm' and noticed an ad put in by a Jamie Bothwell, another retired Bobby - an interloper! Slightly peeved at the thought of someone coming up with my idea, a few weeks later we made contact and decided to meet up - we've been friends and colleagues ever since ! Being a one man band for 12 years only brought up one problem - when customers' dates clashed. Up till then I had no way of dealing with it apart from asking my customers to change the dates when they could come over and of course this was not always possible.

So - Jamie and I decided to be a co-operative, not a partnership. If I couldn't do a tour, then he could and vice versa, so when we are working like that we are The British Bobby Touring Company and this arrangement has been working for over 3 years now with great success !

As I am a 'Honorary Citizen of Texas', Jamie is an 'Honorary Citizen of Ohio' and to boot, a Kentucky Colonel !

My motto is 'feel safe and be safe' and it is important to me that if I am not available for a tour then the person I entrust customers to is of the same ilk as myself ! I have no hesitation recommending Jamie Bothwell - as I said, he's a friend, a colleague, and someone I know will do a great job !

Over the past 3 years we have built up an enviable position in the Customized Tour business and although there are only the two of us, we are used on a regular basis by one of the US's most respected Vacation Companies - Celebrated Hotels !

Whether Jamie or myself arrange and drive you on your tour or airport transfer you have got the best and you can relax knowing that you 'feel safe and are safe' !

Please contact Lionheart Tours or The British Bobby Touring Company by just clicking on to 'How to Contact Lionheart Tours' or of course, by phone, fax or post if you prefer !

The British Bobby Touring Company motto is - "Its not just important where you go, but who you with"- and its very true. Hope to hear from you !

Safe and secure tailor made holidays

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