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Prices and Services

As each tour is different and customized for you, it is impossible to give a set price. The price depends on mileage, length of booking, if I need to stay away from home etc. I can tell you that the prices that I quote are the best value in the business. The price I quote is the price you pay - there are no hidden extras!

Tours can be arranged for 1 to 31 days. Please note that European Tours are more expensive due to extra costs of fuel, ferries, insurance and accommodation so please ask for a quote.

Tours are for 1 to 5 passengers. The price I will quote you is not per person, but covers 1 to 5 people. The best there is!

Price Includes

bespoke european tours
My Espace,
Outside US War Cemetery Luxembourg City,
where General Patton is buried with his men.
  • Myself as your chauffeur & general guide.
  • Hire of my Espace Champs Elysee vehicle.
  • Collection to / from airport.
  • All mileage.
  • All fuel costs / oil / running costs.
  • Hire & Reward Insurance.
  • The itinerary.
  • Phone calls / letters / faxes to arrange the tour.
  • Help, advice and a cheerful, friendly atmosphere.

Price Does Not Include

Air fares, Accommodation, Meals, Drinks or Entrance fees. Please make sure that you have full vacation insurance.

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