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Each tour is custom made for you

You choose where you want to go, and the places that you wish to see. You let me know these, together with your interests. I put them together, add a few places you will love, and come up wih the perfect vacation for you.

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The tours are normally for either one or two weeks - but some shorter or longer tours can be arranged. Time permitting you can go from John O'Groats to Land's End. If you prefer you can tour a specific area of Britain or you can combine different areas. You can also combine Britain & Europe or just tour Europe - it's your choice! We will travel country lanes, down to the sea, up to the castle, through ancient villages and get a taste of the real Britain. My customers love it when we just pop down a country road and get lost, somehow always finding something worthwhile to stop and look at or a spot where we see beautiful scenery. Always remember - you can never get really lost in Britain - eventually you just fall over the edge!

Britain and Europe offer every interest. Whether it be history, battlefields, scenery, famous writers or musicians - so take your time and choose.

I can recommend & book accommodation for you, if you wish. I take no commission from you or the hotel or B&B - so my recommendations are independent.

Specific Interests

Whatever your interests, I can come up with a tour to satisfy you. Historic Houses, Castles, Villages, Cities, Museums of every kind, Aircraft, Battlefields, Theatre, Music, Pubs, Tea Rooms, Heritage, Coastline, Lakes, Hills, Gardens. Anything can be combined in your tour!

Band of Brothers Tours

Visit the sites in England, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Harry Potter Tours

Visit the sites where the film was made combined with a General tour.

London Sightseeing with Lionheart Tours

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