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The following are just a few of the many references I have received - I hope they will help to show you that you will feel & be safe with Lionheart Tours:-


"Paul, we had the most wonderful vacation we have ever had. Your driving skills and your knowledge are superb, but nothing to the relaxed, friendly atmosphere that makes your customers feel like old dear friends."
As well as this great reference through the Smith family George W. Bush made me an Honourary Citizen Of Texas!
Glen, Elizabeth & Katie Smith, Austin, Texas.

"Paul exceeded our expectations in every way. He was gentlemanly and culturally literate to a degree, which conflicted with our American stereotype of a 'cop'. Besides informing and guiding us in a relaxed though purposeful manner, Paul took care of all administrative and safety details inconspicuously, which allowed our family of eight to concentrate on all history, beauty and serendipity the hills and the villages had to offer. Our children loved him. He spoke to them all without condescension and with a genuine interest in their different personalities. The night he travelled an extra three hours to retrieve some laundry we had left behind, taught us that this Englishman new the meaning of 'good form'. We learned as much about England by observing Paul, the man, as we did with our tours of castles and cottages!
Mr. & Mrs. Tek & family of Florida.

That 'Cheeky Cockney' that you lined up to guide us was wonderful! We all loved him. He was great. Tom is still talking about Paul's interest in World War II and the Duxford Air Museum. England trotted out her beauty and outdid herself this spring. I wanted to pack up the whole country and bring it home in my suitcase. Carl & Margaret complained all the way through Germany the we should have brought Paul with us as the tour guides there were not as tolerant or as patient as Paul. Paul's intimate knowledge of the countryside, the byways and highways and the history, plus his personality made it great for us. I have the feeling he can adapt to any situation. I highly recommend Paul to anyone who wants to see the real England!
Mrs. Anna Feltenberger & party via my Canadian agent.


I took four lovely ladies from the British Columbia Rhododendron Society on a seven weeks and three day tour of every single rhodedendron garden in the British Isles. One of the ladies developed a new rhododendron and named it "LIONHEART" which has now been accepted by the Royal Horticultural Society.

In 1997 I drove one of the ladies, Dr Mary Murphy from BC to Ontario and returned via the US - a journey of 7500 miles!

Castle Tours in England

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